Human rights monitoring system in Central America

This system is responsible for the creation and development of a regional mechanism to follow and monitor different types of human rights violations in the countries of the Northern Triangle and Central America. To do this, the system develops strategies and methodological instruments to facilitate the collection, storage, and processing of information on the magnitude and traits of the phenomena. In addition, the system produces annual and special reports on the dynamics, nature, and patterns of human rights violations in the region.


The information produced and analyzed by the Monitoring System allows for a political influence on the governments of the region so that they recognize their accountability for providing humanitarian assistance and protecting the victims, with special attention to vulnerable groups such as children and youth, women heads od household, seniors and people with different abilities, among others. At our organization we have the conviction that the development of information is an essential task to place human rights violations on the national agenda and to increase social awareness about the needs of victims.

Strategic partners


Crime Stoppers

El Salvador

Ayuda en acción (Help in Action)

Save the Children

Plan International

Médicos Sin Fronteras (Doctors Without Borders)

PDDH (Human Rights Procurator's Office)

Alcaldía de Cuscatancingo (Municipal Council of Cuscatancingo)

Alcaldía de Masahuat (Municipal Council of Masahuat)


Municipalidad El Progreso (El Progreso Municipality)

Centro de Desarrollo Humano (Human Development Center)


Asociación Pop No'j

Produrador de los Derechos Humanos (Human Rights Ombudsman)

Universidad Del Valle