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FORCED INTERNAL DISPLACEMENT in Salvadoran children and adolescents (Spanish)

The report titled “Report on the Impact of Forced Internal Displacement on Salvadorian Children and Adolescents” is based on the cases registered in the Office for the Defense of Human Rights of El Salvador (PDDH) with the aim of influencing through the increase of visibility, analysis, and recommendations carried out regarding the phenomenon of internal forced displacement due to generalized violence. Every year, the figures referring to this phenomenon increase, mainly affecting children and adolescents in El Salvador, and in response to the constitutional and legal mandate that has been conferred on me, I highlight that the PDDH has been a fundamental and propellant pillar in highlighting this phenomenon mainly to public opinion. The purpose of this is for the Salvadoran State to comply with its obligation by taking urgent measures of prevention, protection, and adequate assistance to children, adolescents, and youth victims of internal forced displacement in El Salvador.

The document contains the record of complaints filed with the PDDH, as well as the testimonies of family groups, which are recorded through guidance provided by the personnel of this entity to people who do not want to file a complaint but who do want to receive legal advice about their particular situation.

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