Minister says displacement is not configured in the country

Cristosal, Attorney for the Defense of Human Rights of El Salvador (PDDH), and IOM urged calling the phenomenon by its name: internal displacement due to violence.

The Minister of Justice and Public Security, Mauricio Ramírez, said that the Salvadoran State did not agree to call the victims of exodus due to violence as forced displacement, because the characteristics of this phenomenon are not configured in the country.

In a public forum, Ramírez explained that forced displacements have three characteristics: 1) they occur in the middle of an internal armed conflict, 2) they involve repeated human rights violations with the participation of state agents, and 3) they are the result of generalized violence.

“We consider that the conditions of the country do not include these characteristics. [This issue] is a complex and multi-causal situation according to the study we carried out in the ministry. [Violence] is the third cause of all cases representing 5%, while the main causes continue to be economic difficulties with a 54%, and family difficulties with a 40%,” said Ramírez.

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