Trabajando por el acceso a la información y el conocimiento en beneficio de los derechos humanos


The Civil Society Roundtable against Forced Displacement due to Violence and Organized Crime in El Salvador (hereinafter Roundtable or Civil Society Roundtable) works in different areas of human rights, each with its peculiarities, and since 2014 they have made joint efforts to care for the victims of forced displacement due to violence in El Salvador.

The Roundtable was formed due to the increase in cases received by the various organizations from individuals or families seeking humanitarian support due to serious damage to their integrity or security because of violence, who reported not being able to find answers from the State institutions.

This report has been prepared based on the inputs from the requests for help that the different Roundtable organizations have received, which have generated efforts for direct assistance to victims. In the cases assisted, the victims narrate the violation of their most essential human rights, describing the actions carried out to find a solution on the part of the State institutions, the responses received by said institutions, and the difficulties that these victims of violence must face to protect themselves and their families from the situation of insecurity.

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