For these reasons, the State does not recognize forced displacement in El Salvador

El Ministro de Justicia y Seguridad Pública, Mauricio Ramírez, dijo que no están de acuerdo en llamar el fenómeno como…
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“Ignoring the phenomenon of displacement can be a way of avoiding responsibility”

Cristosal’s executive director, Noah Bullock, suggests that the authorities will start creating policies for victim protection when the population demands…
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Extrajudicial executions in El Salvador: No more

Cristosal, together with the Institute for Human Rights at the University of Central America, José Simeón Cañas (IDHUCA), the Passionist…
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Making the Invisible Visible: Hidden Signs of Violence

SAN SALVADOR– Human rights organization Cristosal released its 2017 Annual Report on Forced Displacement in El Salvador on Thursday, April…
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*Most of the news have been taken from newspapers and other news-centered websites.